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About Us

How booRah was formed - Back in April 2013 this year my husband and I took the decision to follow our hearts and buy a business we felt passionate about and as a result of our love of watches and accessories in general, acquired an Italian designed brand of adult watches, 3H Italia, and have been actively promoting this via Internet based sales and social media. Check us out at www.3hitalia.co.uk.

We've put lots of time and effort into branding and development and the very recent launch of a new website. We've also featured in GQ, Men's Fitness, Vogue.

Once our young sons saw the watches we’d introduced through the 3H Italia range, with both of them having a natural passion for style, we spent many hours trawling both shops and the internet looking for innovative new brands to not only help them express their personality though style but also be different whilst exciting, eye catching and of course - robust! Many of the watch brands the boys had tried, either pinched, were too big for their wrists or didn't have numbers on so couldn’t help them to learn to tell the time!

This is when we saw a gap in the market and an opportunity for the development of an affordable high quality range of children’s accessories.

As with most youngsters, family led nicknames seem to stick and as a result of this, the Company was named after our boys using their affectionate nicknames of Boo (6) and Rah (8). The name was entirely inspired by the boys, one of those in depth discussions siblings have in the rear of the car after we told them we were going to develop some of their ideas and needed a company name! It was at this point in late April 2013, the development of booRah™ began.

Over the past 6 months the boys have been instrumental in assisting with design, colour schemes, naming of products, prototypes and samples and, believe me, if our booRah™ products can survive their idea of play, they can certainly pass the test of time - excuse the pun.

Since April we have been busy designing, sourcing and developing the brand with the input of the boys. The boys made suggestions such as, after we decided on a booRah™ Bez, that we need a booRah™ Baby Bez for the smaller wrist so the face wasn't as big for little ones so, the Baby Bez was born and is perfect on the little wrist of Boo! Having said that, I had the purple booRah™ Baby Bez on yesterday and I love it. Small but perfectly formed or 'cute' as the boys describe it!

They have tested all the samples and made suggestions for improvement in fact, they've worn them everyday this summer. We are now delighted to be in a position to launch this exciting new range of quality but affordable kids watches for age groups 4+ and kids polarized sunglasses age 4-14yrs.

We've worked hard to keep our pricing as competitive as possible given the important features of ensuring our booRah™ Blinders sunglasses all have UV 400 protection and the latest in polarised lens technology something not usually found in children’s fashion sunglasses.

We've also given lots of thought to our packaging and have ultimately decided on high quality glossy orange jiffy bags to protect the stylish watch cases or sunglasses pouches, all of which show the logo booRah™, to deliver to the customers. We felt it was important that when our customers receive their purchase, they see it has been packaged with pride!