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Watches Children

How old were you when you could tell the time? I seem to think I was about 6 and although my first watch came from the limited choice of watches for children in the late 1970's, today's watches for children offer so much more style and appeal.As a child I seem to remember my family having one clock above [...]

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​booRah - Treasure those Little Treasures!

Being a Mummy is not really something I had ever considered until meeting my Husband, at which point it immediately felt like the natural step to take. Until then I had been a cat lover and never really understood those new Mums that cooed and positively beamed at every little monumental step in their off spring's development. After all, isn't [...]

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booRah - Conkers or Bonkers?

I'm delighted to report that Rah,who turned 8 years old a week ago, came home from school last week, explaining how he'd put his name down for the Juniors Conker Competition and instructed us that he needed to take in his Conker the next day and be ready to compete when his name was called for his turn in [...]

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booRah Children and Technology - Are they growing up too fast?

It can be hard to know what advice to take on board when it comes to technology and children, after all, what’s best for our children and who do we ask?That’s why we went straight to the top for the best advice; we asked some of the UK’s leading Mummy bloggers, when is the right age to allow children [...]

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booRah® launched!

Now is an exciting ‘time’ for Wirral-based entrepreneur Kate Jennings, as she has launched her own online business, booRah®, selling children’s watches, sunglasses and accessories.booRah® offers a range of high quality but affordable children's watches, sunglasses and accessories aimed at the four year old and above market.Kate, 40, decided to launch the ‘up-to-the-minute’ watch brand as she saw a gap [...]

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