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Boys Sports Watches

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I don't know about your children but my two little boys are sport crazy! Hence, our decision to let them design a range of sports watches for boys. BooRah watches are ideal for all those sporting capers your little budding athletes care to try.

The main sport in our house generally changes with the seasons; football, rugby and swimming in winter and cricket, rounders and tennis in summer. Also in our house like their ability to change sport like changing a TV channel, also relates to them changing their mind about their favourite colour, favourite character in a film and most delicious or disgusting food!

When designing sports watches for boys, the main factors for them were in making sure the straps were comfortable and flexible. So many times we have purchased watches in the past and heard complaints of pinching and digging in straps.

Another factor for the booRah boys was their love of water sports. Both boys spend their summers with us by the beach and endure every seaside activity from fishing, crabbing, sailing, kayaking, swimming and snorkelling. Therefore the 5 ATM waterproof element of all booRah watches, especially the sports watches for boys, was of paramount consideration in their development.

Another hobby that they wanted to take into account was their love of timing one another on bikes or running up and down a self built circuit made from plant pots and general rubbish lying around the garden shed. The digital sports watches for boys provide a timer function, critical to these childhood games.

The booRah boys sports watches have been designed to ensure that whilst the primary function is to tell the time, as an added bonus they look the part and add that grown up, mature and exciting element to activity.

Many booRah sports watches for boys have been bought to match the child's individual favourite football team as Christmas and birthday gifts.

To view the entire range please visit www.booRah.co.uk