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Cool Watches for Boys

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Cool watches for boys are one of the fastest growing accessories for boys aged 6-16 years old. Colour, size, function and style being the main factors today’s youngsters are focussing on.

How can a watch be described as a cool boys watch?

Well, according to the opinion of my own youngsters and that of their friends aged between 5 and 10, if it stands out from the crowd and has a desirable appearance, that’s what makes it ‘cool’. Listening to the parents of these youngsters, a cool boy’s watch to them would be durable, practical and affordable with the added bonus that their offspring find them appealing.

Back in the 1970’s my Grandfather, who incidentally shared the same birthday as me, passed away just a couple of days before my 5th Birthday. The reason I remember this so clearly is that he left me a card that he had written in advance, containing a £5 note. This £5 started me off with a love of watches enabling me to make my first purchase of a black strapped, analogue watch, in fact, I still have it. Back in the day I remember being one of the only members of my infant class to actually own a watch of my own.

Fast forward 40 years and to the’ noughties’ generation, of which I am the proud mother to two sons who seem to have accessory obsession, insisting from a very early age their watch matches their trainers whist their trainers match their cap. A new breed of independent boys who care about their appearance and sporting the latest gizmos and gadgets is evolving fast. These miniature 21st century technical geniuses are the next generation of style icons.

booRah by Caposka, a family run business has developed a whole new range of Cool Boys Watches, designed by kids for kids. Through testing conditions of swimming, tennis, entertaining, writing and much more, with specific thought going into comfort, durability, clarity of digits and cost, the booRah boys came up with a cool, robust, trendy whilst practical and affordable range of cool boys watches to go with any outfit or event.

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