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Polarised Sunglasses Lenses - Essential to protect your kids eyes

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Ever wondered why some people can see more than others wearing sunglasses? It's all about the quality of the lens.

When we were designing our lenses we didn't want just uv400 protection we wanted them to be better than that. After years of wearing high end, expensive glasses with polarized lenses we thought "Why should't our children have the same quality?" So we set about finding the right lens at the right price but with the funky colours that we wanted in the frame.

Our lenses have both UV400 and the latest Polarisation protection - TAC. This is not normally found in Childrens eyewear apart from the high end makes.

Polarised sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces e.g. water, and snow. They can be highly useful for sports and everyday use by helping you to see more clearly.

Polarised lenses will offer more UV protection than the non polarised type. Polarised lenses are designed to stop the harmful horizontal rays of the sun from entering your eyes and make it easier to see when sun is shining directly into your field of vision.


Q. What are TAC Polarized Lenses?

A. TAC. stands for Tri Acetate Cellulose. TAC Polarisation is a multi-layered process of scratch resistant coatings of Tri-Acetate Cellulose encapsulating the polarisation.TAC Polarised lens are known for their super optical quality as well as lightweight characteristics making it the preferred choice over acrylic lenses.

So, go on, treat your kids to the very best in technology and style with Kids Polarised Sunglasses from booRah -  Blinders in 8 exciting colours.

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