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​What to look for in Boys Digital Watches

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Boys are very particular when it comes to wearing digital watches. After discussing it with our boys and doing some market research we found that the following were the key attributes that boys digital watches must have:

  • Comfort
  • Simple to use
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish
  • Cool lighting

Many of the mainstream watch brands that the boys had tried, either pinched, were too big for their wrists or were so difficult to use! In addition, they were too childish and didn't look like the type of watch Mum or Dad would wear.

Over the past 6 months we have worked with the boys who have been instrumental in assisting with design, colour schemes, naming of products, prototypes and samples and, believe me, if our booRah products can survive their idea of play, they can certainly pass the test of time - excuse the pun.

The boys made suggestions such as, making sure the light was different and simplifying the use. So all our boys digital watches - Digiz have only the time, stopwatch and alarm functions with very clear instructions for use both in the packaging and on our website www.boorah.co.uk.

The light has been described as one of the coolest around with only the actual numbers being lit up in different colours!


The entire booRah™ kids digital watch range is also waterproof to 5ATM and therefore suitable for swimming. But don't be pressing the functions under water!!

We've also given lots of thought to our packaging and have ultimately decided on high quality glossy orange jiffy bags to protect the stylish watch cases, all of which show the logo booRah™, to deliver to the customers. We feel it is important that when our customers receive their purchase, they see it has been packaged with pride!

We are now delighted to be in a position to launch this exciting new range of quality but affordable kids digital watches for age groups 4+